DIY Dino Planters

Silver Stegosaurus Planter

Seeing some of these on Etsy and loving both dinos and plants, I decided to try and make some of my own :)


  • A hollow plastic dinosaur (I found mine at Hawkins Bazaar)
  • Spray paint
  • A craft or similar¬†knife suitable for cutting the dinosaur
  • A plant (I used succulents and cacti)
  • Soil

I cut a small rectangle into the back of the dinos carefully with a craft knife, making sure that it was big enough for the plants to fit into

Cutting into the dinos
Cutting into the dinos


Using newspaper or something to cover your surfaces, and preferably outside, spray paint the dino. A few coats from different angles worked best for me, but for one I was a bit too enthusiastic and trigger-happy with and so layered it too thickly and it took around 5 days to dry (!) – so that’s something to be mindful of!

Make sure to check your spray paint directions but mine were mostly dry after a couple of hours and definitely completely dry within a day

I then potted the plants into the dino once the paint had dried and…¬†a dino planter!

You may want to poke with a needle or drill some small holes into the bottom of the dinosaur for drainage, however I haven’t and so far they seem okay (just don’t over-water!)


Happy crafting!

Charlotte x

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