Copenhagen Trip!

Last summer (2016) I spent 5 days in Copenhagen with my girlfriend, and loved every minute of it.
We got ourselves a fairly tiny airbnb in Amager Vest, south of the centre of Copenhagen. This was perfect as from here we could travel around Copenhagen without much difficulty and it wasn’t too expensive either :))

What we saw:

I found going here really interesting, and doesn’t take long to go around at all. Christiana is it’s own neighbourhood in the middle of Copenhagen, with its colourful murals everywhere as well as it’s atmosphere of autonomy and liberation making it really stand out from the rest of the city. The green house mural was one of my favourites.

Christiania mural
Christiania mural

Copenhagen’s Aquarium, Den Bla Planet
Like the zoo, this was something I was really excited about. The aquarium is also divided into zones around the world so I felt not only was I seeing cool fish but I was learning a little about the geography of them too :)) Particular highlights for me were the sea otters, the shark tank/tunnel and the turtles! The aquarium also has a rainforest bit with other animals like birds which was fun too (the colourful pigeons walking around were super cool)

We only went to 2 museums in Copenhagen, however these had so many cool things and interesting exhibitions (we even managed to get lost in one it was so huge…).

The first museum we went to was the National Museum of Denmark (free for U18s) This had a huge collection on Danish history from the prehistoric ages up until the 1950s as well as a smaller exhibition on people around the world and a more recent exhibition on manga and cosplay. Definitely worth looking around however it did take us quite a few hours looking at it all!

A reindeer in the museum
A reindeer in the museum

The second museum we went to was the Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket, (free for U18s and on Tuesdays). This has a focus on art and objects that are Danish, Mediterranean and French, and includes collections from Egypt, Greece and the Roman period right up to the 19th century.

It was particularly interesting to see specifically Danish art and artefacts in these museums as I hadn’t previously seen a lot of this elsewhere.

The Botanical Gardens

These were really pretty to walk around and super interesting with thousands of different plants, some outside and some inside in glass hothouses. One of these also had a walkway around the top of it, giving a view over the trees inside which was interesting. Definitely worth a stop at especially as it’s free and is also linked to the Natural History Museum of Denmark which may be worth a stop at too.

Copenhagen Zoo
This really excited me as I have little memory of going to a zoo before this. The zoo took us a good four hours or so, however could be done quicker as we stopped to see everything! A few highlights for me were the see through butterflies, the huge elephant house and seeing tiny baby flamingos!!! The churros sold inside the zoo were also really good :)

See-though butterfly!
See-though butterfly!

Canal/Streets in general
Copenhagen is also a lovely city to walk around without having too much of an aim, the more touristy (at least in summer) canals are really pretty and we came across a number of quieter streets with some smaller shops like secondhand/vintage ones which were fun to explore.

Along the canal
Along the canal

We didn’t have a huge amount of traditionally Danish food as we bought much of our breakfasts/dinners from the supermarkets (noodles every night!!!), however Danish beer from the supermarket, copious amounts of liquorice and hot dog sausages were definitely different to what we usually might have. Waffles in a small cafe near Christiana were also a highlight as were the blue and pink slushies found in the many 7/11s and ice cream from Paradis further into the city. Copenhagen’s small Chinese scene was also fun to explore, the Chinese restaurant we ate at one evening was super good.

Would I go again?

Definitely! Although small enough to get a good feel for the city and enjoy much of it in 5 days (and potentially less), Copenhagen always seems to have something on and there are hundreds of places to visit, both more touristy and not. While I’m always looking to explore places I haven’t yet been to, I’d love to come and see Copenhagen again, perhaps during a different time of year like winter, and to explore the parts we didn’t get to see this time round.

Charlotte x

The view from a park we found :)
The view from a park we found :)

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