April Favourites

This month has been super duper busy, but here are a couple of favourite things from it:

Book: The Sound and the Fury for sure, as it baffled me for the most part until the end where everything became much clearer. I thought the use of narrative and switching time periods was really clever and unique, and I truly loved Faulkner’s descriptions. The book follows a group of siblings, with 3 brothers all who have slight obsession with their sister Caddy. There are sooo many metaphors in it, the title comes from a soliloquy in Macbeth (‘Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury’) and it was a really emotionally charged book so it’s definitely worth a read.

Something I’ve worn: Back in December I bought a really pretty necklace with a dried (I think it’s dried) forget-me-not in it… and then forgot about it! I’ve recently found it again and started wearing it more, and really love how simple yet lovely it looks. It’s from Shrieking Violet, which you can find here :)))

Forget-me-not necklace
Forget-me-not necklace

Thing I bought: I bought an aloe vera plant for my room! Given my track record with killing plants, I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but I love how aloe vera looks and apparently it’s a really good air cleaner.

Thing I did: I tried some mindfulness (again), and loved it. It felt a bit funny at first but I love the focus on the present and how still and peaceful it can be. Definitely something I want to explore further and continue to do.
I also went to the Gambia for a week (hence why so many shells in the necklace photo), and it was amazing – another post will be on that :)

Things I’m looking forward to: the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American God’s is something I’ve been excited about for over a year now – and it’s just come out!!!!
I’ve also discovered some of Nayyirah Waheed’s poetry (honestly I don’t know how I’ve been missing out this long), and I really want to get into it a bit more.

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